The Village of Hunter
Minutes of The Village Board of Trustees Meeting held July 11, 2016

Call to Order: 8:00PM. Pledge of Allegiance

Members Present: Mayor William Maley, Trustee Alan Higgins and Michael Tancredi

Also Present: Kathleen M. Hilbert

Public Present: JD, Jim Magnuski, Paul Slutzky, Harold Goldberg, Carl Giangrande, Jim Ray, Bonnie Sims, Catrina and Eoin McHugh

Approval of Minutes:

The Village of Hunter Board of Trustees Meeting held June 13, 2016
The Village of Hunter Board of Trustees Emergency Meeting held June 16, 2016
The Village of Hunter Board of Trustees Emergency Meeting held July 1, 2016

Privilege of the Floor:

Old Business:

Cardboard Box Hotel – Jim Ray inquired as to status. Mayor Maley – Attorney Gardner said he has something to bring to the table. He will be here this evening after his legislature meeting.

Fyodorov TrailersBonnie Sims – What are you going to do about those trailers? Mayor Maley – I met last week with an Attorney in Albany about our rights and obligations as to what went on, since it seems that there were erroneous approvals given and erroneous building permits. But, there were also other issues with the applicants about what they said, what they applied for, so we will meet in Executive Session with our Attorney about some of the information I garnered from the special Counsel that I met with last week. Bonnie Sims – Is there also a problem with the fact that both buildings have the same water? Mayor Maley – There are multiple issues. There are permitting issues. There are structural connection issues. But, it is counterproductive to the end goal, and I think we are all on the same page, to discuss it and have it in the minutes of the meeting until we confer with our counsel here with some of the information that was gathered. Bonnie Sims – During a rain downpour, the one in the back dumps water straight into Doris O’Brien’s basement. Mayor Maley – Thank you for that information. We will address that also. Jim Magnuski – That is not going to be addressed tonight? Mayor Maley – No, because it is most likely going to be a legal action. The trailers do not have a certificate of occupancy and are not connected to the electric.

New Business:

Perpetual FoundationJim Ray inquired about this property next to the Crean property. Mayor Maley – As long as it is not a nuisance, they put a roof over the whole thing so no one can fall into it and it is secure from rodents, there is not much we can do about it.

Stern PropertyJim Ray – If we get enough rain and warm weather, the Stern House is going to disappear behind the meadow there. Anything going on there? Trustee Higgins – Letters were sent out. Charlie will mow the lawn and we will bill $250.00. We are probably within days of that happening. Last year we probably mowed it three or four times. I am surprised that it went this long. I will tell Charlie the time is up and get the thing mowed.

Water Leak – Harold Goldberg – I am glad Catrina and Eoin are here. They have a house next door that is leaking water. Mayor Maley – Can you bring me up to speed on this? I verbally heard something at about five o’clock this afternoon. It is the first I ever heard of this. Neither our road superintendent or water operator has brought this to my attention. Eoin McHugh – We are 68. They are 72. Their’s is the big Victorian house on Bridge Street that is like all colorful. It just started leaking water like a month or two ago. Half of the water is going down the culvert. The other half is coming into our yard, across our driveway into the abandoned house to the other side and causing a big puddle. Trustee Higgins – So, it is the neighbor’s house that has the leak and you are being affected by it? Catrina McHugh – Yes, it is coming down the hill. Mayor Maley – This is really simple. If we turn off the curb valve and it stops, it is the owner’s problem. We will send them notification. We cannot waste that water. It is insane for us to treat that water at the water treatment plant, put it out and let it go and just run out into the ditch. So, tomorrow morning I will send up Joe Myers and we will turn that valve off and see where the issue is. Obviously, if we turn the valve off and it is still leaking then it is probably our problem and it will be fixed quicker. If it is the property owner’s problem and there is no one in the building, we will send them a notification that we will turn the valve off.

Application for Village Water and Sewer Service – BrodskyMayor Maley – This is in the Colonel’s Chair Estates but I believe this is a property that already had a house, already had the curb box, already has a stub. I do not believe that we have to take any action nor accept an application fee. They need to know that the inspections have to be done prior to closing up the water and sewer lines. Trustee Tancredi – We do not need a resolution. Mayor Maley – Send a letter and say that in light of the fact that the property had sewer and water connections prior that the only obligation is that they call for inspections before the trenches are filled for the water and sewer laterals coming from the house to the main.

Renewal of Maintenance Agreement for Copy Machine – See Resolution 2016-043

Application for Active Membership in The Hunter Fire Co. No. 1, Inc. – Christopher D. Carey – See Resolution 2016 – 044


Zombie Property Legislation – June 20, 2016 e-mail from Barbara VanEpps, NYCOM

Street Clock – Letter from The Verdin Company received June 21, 2016

Sign Law – June 22, 2016 letter from Sonia Hairabedian. Mayor Maley – She is absolutely correct. Her complaint is basically about people putting signs up for advertising on telephone poles and other structures within The Village which is illegal. No one is allowed to put anything on a Central Hudson or Verizon telephone pole. Trustee Tancredi – I have spoken to Dominick Caropreso and I told him to start writing fines. Mayor Maley – We have both spoken to him.

NYC DEP Inspection Report – Letter dated June 22, 2016. Everything is in order.

Tannersville Main Street and Gooseberry Creek Revitalization – June 30, 2016 e-mail from Hunter Foundation, Inc. requesting support. Trustee Tancredi – I think we should send them a support letter but we should also send them a letter or put in the letter that we would love to have support from them – something to the effect that you are not the Tannersville Foundation. Mayor Maley – I see no reason not to give them a letter of support. Trustee Tancredi made a motion, seconded by Trustee Higgins with all in favor to sign the letter of support.

Second Supplemental Agreement Among West of Hudson Watershed Stakeholders Concerning the New York City-Funded Flood Buyout ProgramMayor Maley – Do I hear a motion? Trustee Tancredi – I am not sure if I support this. Mayor Maley – So do you want to table this? Trustee Tancredi – Yes, I want to table this and obtain more information. Mayor Maley – Tabled.

County-Wide Ambulance Task Force July Meeting -Postponed – July 8, 2016 e-mail from Aidan O’Connor, Jr. – July 12, 2016 meeting postponed until August 9, 2016.


Resolution 2016 – 043
Authorize Mayor to Sign Renewal of Maintenance Agreement for Village Copy Machine

Motion made by Trustee Tancredi; Seconded by Trustee Higgins

RESOLVED that The Village of Hunter Board of Trustees authorizes Mayor William Maley to sign Maintenance Agreement between Hudson Valley Office Equipment, Inc. and The Village of Hunter for the purpose of maintaining the Copystar Equipment located in The Village Hall. The term of this agreement is from July 20, 2016 to July 20, 2017 at a cost of $1,234.00.

The foregoing resolution was put to a vote and was carried unanimously.

Mayor William Maley voting – yea
Trustee Alan Higgins voting – yea
Trustee Michael Tancredi voting – yea

The resolution was thereupon declared duly adopted.
July 11 2016

Resolution 2016 – 044
Approval for Active Membership in The Hunter Fire Co. No. 1, Inc.

Motion made by Trustee Alan Higgins; Seconded by Trustee Michael Tancredi

RESOLVED that the Village of Hunter Board of Trustees approves Christopher D. Carey of 86 Maple Avenue, Apartment 5A, P. O. Box 124, Hunter, New York for active membership in The Hunter Fire Co. No. 1, Inc.

The foregoing resolution was put to a vote and was carried unanimously.

Mayor William Maley voting – yea
Trustee Alan Higgins voting – yea
Trustee Michael Tancredi voting – yea

The resolution was thereupon declared duly adopted.
July 11 2016


Account Voucher Nos. Abstract

General Fund V-51 to V-92 No. 2
Sewer Operating G-21 to G-37 G-2
Water Operating F-18 to F-24 F-2

The above vouchers were audited and ordered paid.

Executive Session:

We need to move into Executive Session as soon as Attorney Gardner arrives. 8:25PM Executive Session

Return from Executive Session:

Mayor Maley – We are out of Executive Session back into the regular meeting – 9:45PM..

Cardboard Box Hotel – Attorney Gardner read April’s correspondence from Frank Raho. We will go back to court.

Signs – Attorney Gardner to instruct Dominick Caropreso to remove all illegal signs and to write summons. Code Enforcement Officer Caropreso is also to write violations for the Roseberry’s rock sign and for the construction trailers.


A motion was made to adjourn the meeting by Trustee Michael Tancredi; Seconded by Trustee Alan Higgins.

Transcribed by:
Kathleen M. Hilbert

16-07-11 minutes tentative