The Village of Hunter
Minutes of The Village Board of Trustees Meeting held August 8, 2016

Call to Order: 8:05PM. Pledge of Allegiance

Members Present: Mayor William Maley, Trustee Alan Higgins and Michael Tancredi

Also Present: Larry Gardner, Esq., Village Attorney and Kathleen M. Hilbert

Public Present: Tom Larison, Jim Ray, Harold Goldberg, Jim Magnuski and Carl Giangrande

Approval of Minutes: The Village of Hunter Board of Trustees Meeting held
July 11, 2016

Privilege of the Floor:

New Business:

Culvert Problem – Tom Larison – Last Monday we had a major downpour. Apparently the culvert got filled up, it came over the street down our driveway and into our garage. It seems that continuously gets filled with silt. Is that part of Peak’s responsibility? They do not have very good drainage in the parking lot and it is being channeled to that culvert. Is there anything they can do about that or should they be participating to a certain degree? Mayor Maley – Monday was a big event. Trustee Tancredi – Hunter Mountain put in some very large pipes feeding into that culvert. I questioned Charlie as to whether that was legal or not. Mayor Maley – I will call Fred again and we will go back over there. Trustee Tancredi – We will definitely look at that.

Botti Drive – Mayor Maley – We received a petition for annexation for the Steve Botti property at the top of Botti Drive. We will schedule a public hearing for 15 minutes before our regular meeting provided that works with the Town of Hunter.

58 Maple Avenue – Mayor Maley read the letter from Jeffrey Kammer informing the Village of the deplorable condition of property owned by Barry Tannenholz. Pictures were submitted with Mr. Kammer’s letter. Kathleen Hilbert to give letter and pictures to Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer.

Old Business:

Sign Law – Jim Magnuski – Last month you talked about the sign law and that you were going to start issuing violations. Have any violations been issued? Attorney Gardner – I spoke with Dominick Caropreso during the month. I do not know if he issued any violations but he did take them down. Trustee Higgins – There are a couple of signs right here in the window of the deli. Jim Magnuski – Nobody wants to see anybody get written up, but…Mayor Maley – Personally, I think that if it has been brought to someone’s attention that what they are doing is illegal and they continue to do it again and again and again, I do then agree that they should be written up and fined. Trustee Tancredi – I told Dominick to just fine them. Mayor Maley – Both Michael and I have met with Dominick. Each sign is a separate violation. Larry, you need to help him do that. Attorney Gardner – He can write violations. The person who put them up does not have to live in the Village. Jim Magnuski – Village Green Realty has five signs up on the corners. They are not on the properties for sale. They are off-premise. Mayor Maley – They are also not legal. Trustee Tancredi – I can see putting them up for a day for an open house. Mayor Maley – We would overlook a sign for one day in the case of an open house. Jim Magnuski – I used to tell them it was okay to put the sign out for an open house but at the end of the day, take the sign down. There has been one sign up for weeks on the corner of Creek and Mountain. This past weekend there were four more added for an open house that have not been taken down. Carol Giangrande – Does that apply to a flea market/yard sale? Mayor and Trustees – Yes. Jim Magnuski – Please address the Village Green Realty signs. Also, there is one more for a weekend rental at Lake and Colonels Drive. There are two signs and one is attached to a stop sign. Jim Ray – With regard to lawn and yard sales, is there a limit on that? Mayor Maley – We do not have that. It is not in our law at this time. We do not require a permit and do not limit sales to certain times of the year.

Fyodorav Trailers – Jim Magnuski – Are you going to talk about the trailers tonight? Mayor Maley – No. Because, once again, this is an issue for which our special counsel has not yet given us anything in writing. I have some verbals which I will share with the rest of the Board and Attorney Gardner. Jim Magnuski – Do you see it coming before the public next month? Mayor Maley – Yes. Jim Magnuski – Is there a list of violations that can be made public? Mayor Maley – Not at this time. I am sorry. No one is happy about this situation.

Engelen/Roovers Water Leak – Harold Goldberg – The water leak at 72 Bridge Street. Is that at our expense? Mayor Maley – No, that is at the owner’s expense not on our dime. We are monitoring this situation.

Cardboard Box Hotel – Harold Goldberg inquired as to any new correspondence. Attorney Gardner – We will be in court in early September to bring this before the Judge and seek fines. The object is not to collect fines but to get the job done. Harold Goldberg – Couldn’t that property be condemned? Attorney Gardner – He keeps claiming he can recover the property. Attorney Gardner read some recent correspondence. Mayor Maley – We have to go to court, Larry. Harold Goldberg – Is it possible the Village could retain the engineer, Scott Lane, to go and do another inspection to verify what has been done? Attorney Gardner – It is obvious what has been done. Dominick has been there. Mayor Maley – It would be silly for us to hire Scott Lane who works for Mr. Rayo. However, the Judge may allow us to hire our own engineer. Attorney Gardner – We do not need to hire someone. Dominick is sufficient. What has been done is obvious to Dominick.


Housing Choice Voucher Program – Mayor Maley discussed this program. Information and applications are posted.

The Healthcare Consortium – Mayor Maley relayed information for this collaborative rural health network improving access to quality health care through the nystateofhealth official health plan marketplace. Contact info for in-person assistors and navigators for Columbia and Greene County is posted.


Resolution 2016 – 045
Authorize Payment in Advance of Audit Claims for Public Utility Services

Motion made by Trustee Tancredi; Seconded by Trustee Higgins

RESOLVED that The Village of Hunter Board of Trustees authorizes the payment in advance of audit claims for public utility services (i.e., electric, gas, water, sewer and telephone services) postage, freight and express charges. All such claims must be presented for audit at the next regular meeting.

The foregoing resolution was put to a vote and was carried unanimously.

Mayor William Maley voting – yea
Trustee Alan Higgins voting – yea
Trustee Michael Tancredi voting – yea

The resolution was thereupon declared duly adopted.
August 8, 2016


Account Voucher Nos. Abstract

General Fund V-93 to V-129 No. 3
Sewer Operating G-38 to G-52 G-3
Water Operating F-25 to F-34 F-3
Water Supply Capital Project HF-2 HF-2

The above vouchers were audited and ordered paid.

Executive Session:

Motion to go into Executive session made by Trustee Tancredi, seconded by Trustee Higgins.


A motion was made to adjourn the meeting at 9:25PM by Trustee Michael Tancredi; Seconded by Trustee Alan Higgins.

Transcribed by:
Kathleen M. Hilbert

16-08-08 minutes tentative