Village of Hunter Planning Board
Public Hearing
Meeting Minutes

January 25, 2018 – 7:00 PM

Members Present:
Paul Slutzky, Chairman – Planning Board
Richard Volpi, Deputy Chairman – Planning Board
Gary Goodrich, Board Member – Planning Board
Harold Goldberg, Board Member – Planning Board
Carl Glangrande, Board Member – Planning Board
Cheryl Cornelius, Alternate Board Member – Planning Board

Public Present: Jeff Prince, Walter Kubow, P.E. – Chazen Engineering, Kevin Schwenzferier – Delaware Engineering, Felice Londa, Stacy Brodsky, Audrey Seares – Hunter Highlands II, Patricia Kelaher, Edward DeSanto, Dr. Elena Suditu, Bob Geisman – Hunter Highlands I, Robert Irvine – Jagerberg, Kim McGalliard – Jagerberg, Mike Tancredi – Village Trustee, Gabriella Mesko

Public Hearing: Hunter Peaks Major Residential Subdivision – Tax Lot #164.00-7-3
Major Subdivision Preliminary Plat and Site Plan Review

Chairman Slutzky opened the Public Hearing at 7:02 PM and stated the Public Hearing is for the Board to receive comments, concerns and/or questions raised by property abutters and members of the public relative to the proposed subdivision and site plan. P. Slutzky stated that any voiced concerns, comments and/or questions will be addressed when this project review continues at the regular Planning Board Meeting, which will follow the Public Hearings. P. Slutzky accepted proof of mailing of Public Hearing Notices from J. Prince. Applicant’s engineer, W. Kubow, first gave a brief overview of the proposed project and its current status in the review process.

Concerns and Comments from the Public:

Who are the Parties Involved with this Project: A. Seares, President of Hunter Highlands Phase II, wants to know who Hunter Peaks is working with at Hunter Highlands Pollution Control Corp on the above-mentioned project and would like to see all the DEC and DEP approvals for this project.

Maintain the Mountains Natural Beauty: P. Kelaher, A. Seares want to know what the Developer plans are to make sure that not two many trees are cut down and protect the natural beauty of the mountains.

Road Maintenance: B. Geisman wants to know if a performance bond is going to be required for the maintenance of the road during project construction and who the project contractors are going to be. F. Londa would like to know who owns the road and who will be maintaining the road.

Storm Water Run Off: F. Londa wants to know more about how the developer is going to handle the storm water runoff. R. Geisman and P. Kelaher also inquired about how stormwater runoff from project was going to be dealt with.

Adjournment of Public Hearing:
There being no additional persons requesting to speak, P. Slutzky closed the public hearing at 7:20 PM.

Public Hearing: Jagerberg Beer Hall and Alpine Tavern – Site Plan Revision and Architectural Review – 7722 Main Street

Opening of Public Hearing: Chairman Paul Slutzky opened the public hearing on the proposed Jagerberg Beer Hall & Alpine Tavern at 7:20 PM. P. Slutzky stated that any concerns expressed at this Public Hearing will be addressed when this project is reviewed at the regular Planning Board Meeting, which will follow the Public Hearings. P. Slutzky accepted proof of mailing of public hearing Notices from K. McGalliard and she gave brief overview of the project.

Concerns and Comments from the Public:

Air Conditioning/Heating Units: G. Mesko is concerned that the air conditioning/heating units on the west side of Jagerberg building are too close to her house and they will be loud and the water coming from the units will damage her home.

Dumpster: G. Mesko stated the she doesn’t want to see the dumpster from her back porch and that it’s too close to the fence.

Adjournment of Public Hearing:
There being no additional persons requesting to speak, P. Slutzky closed the public hearing at 7:27 PM.

Review and Approval of Minutes of December 28, 2017:

After review, R. Volpi made MOTION to approve the minutes as presented. MOTION seconded by G. Goodrich and carried unanimously.

Privilege of the Floor: None

New Business: None

Old Business:

P. Slutzky stated that the Public Hearing for Florentina Florescu – 2 Lot Minor Subdivision Application – Tax Lot #164.06-2-2, was cancelled for tonight as Ms.
Florescu advised she was called out of town for work and would not be able to attend the hearing. H. Goldberg made MOTION to reschedule the Florescu Public Hearing at 7:00 PM at the February 22, 2018 regular Planning Board meeting. R. Volpi seconded the MOTION, which carried unanimously. P. Slutzky said he will do a new Notice of Public Hearing for the applicant to mail to abutters.

  • Hunter Peaks Major Residential Subdivision: Tax Lot # 164.00-7-3 Major Subdivision Plat and Site Plan Review—Jeff Prince and Walter Kubow, P.E., presenting.

P. Slutzky inquired if W. Kubow had any additional comments/responses prepared relative to the NYC DEP comments received 11/9/17 and 11/20/17 or to the review memos prepared by Planning Board consultant, Kevin Schwenzfeier of Delaware Engineering on 12/28/17 and 1/8/18. W. Kubow advised his team is working on responses, but does not have them fully prepared as yet.
P. Slutzky then proceeded to review with the Board and applicant the concerns raised at tonight’s Public Hearing:

Who are the Parties Involved with this Project: P. Slutzky advised that this project hasn’t completed its site plan, subdivision or agency reviews as yet and so, no contractors are currently working on this project. W. Kubow said they are trying to work with Mr. Rem, who owns the Hunter Highlands Pollution Control Corp, to determine what it will take to route the septic flows from the project to the existing Hunter Highlands plant. A discussion ensued as to how this could be accomplished and the possible alternative that the developer has if a tie in is not feasible.

Maintain the Mountains Natural Beauty: Jeff Prince and Walter Kubow said that there will be plenty of green space and they do have a computer rendering if anyone would like to see it.

Road Maintenance: P. Slutzky stated that Hunter Peaks has previously provided proof to the Planning Board that it is the owner of Hunter Drive and that a road maintenance agreement between the various condo associations and other potential road users is already in place. J. Prince confirmed the road is privately owned by Hunter Peaks and that there will be a road maintenance agreement with all the Condo Owners. P. Slutzky said that it is in the best interest of the developer to keep the road in good shape during development of their project as they will be attempting to sell very expensive home sites. He said performance bonds likely will be required for infrastructure development in accordance with the approved subdivision and site plan, but he did not know if one could be required for Hunter Drive as it is an existing road and is privately owned by the developer.

Storm Water Run Off: W. Kubow stated that there will be multiple stormwater retention ponds located on the site as well as stormwater raingardens designed for each of the 27 residential lots. He advised that stormwater exiting the site would be directed towards the existing roadside ditch located on the south side of Hunter Drive. He then discussed the status of the Stormwater Pollution Protection Plan that was submitted to NYC DEP for review several months ago. He said that NYC DEP will not complete their review of the SWPPP until the Planning Board issues a Determination of Significance as part of their coordinated SEQR review process.

J. Prince reviewed the status of discussions with Hunter Highlands Pollution Control Corp and with M. Osterer as to possible alternatives to treat the septic outflow from the project.

W. Kubow advised he could send electronic copies of the Storm Water Engineering Report, the Long Form EAF and/or copies of other plans or reports produced to date for the project to interested parties that furnish him their email addresses, which several attendees did.

  • Jagerberg Beer Hall and Alpine Tavern –7722 Main Street- Tax Lot # 164.11-1-7 –Site Plan Revisions and Architectural Review-Kim McGalliard & Robert Irvine presenting

P. Slutzky advised he had submitted a 239 Review Form to Greene County Planning after last month’s meeting and County Planning responded on January 18 that as they could not achieve a quorum at their January meeting and therefore we are free to take final action.

P. Slutzky said Board will now review the concerns raised in the Public Hearing:

Noise from Air Conditioning/Heating Units: Robert Irvine stated that these air conditioning/heating units are new and are designed to be very efficient and quiet. P. Slutzky stated that if G. Mesko has a problem with the noise once they are turned on, the Board could address the issue with a site inspection. R. Irvine said there currently is no water coming from the A/C Units, as they are not on this time of year. R. Volpi noted that the water would be from the condensate drains and this quantity would not be enough to cause drainage problems for the neighbor.

P. Slutzky asked if they had rain gutters on their building and K.
McGalliard said that they do in fact have rain gutters on their building.

Dumpster Location: K. McGalliard said that they are willing to move the dumpster, which is currently located behind a solid picket fence, if it presents a problem for G. Mesko.

There was a brief discussion regarding water runoff and Jagerberg grease trap and grading of Ms. Mesko’s land adjacent to her house.

P. Slutzky said that he previously e-mailed the revised site plan furnished by K. McGalliard to all the Board members. He then commenced the SEQR review for the project. The Board Reviewed Part 1-Project Information submitted on the applicant’s Short EAF. After discussion, K. McGalliard made minor changes to the submitted EAF under question 17. Board then reviewed Part -2 Impact Assessment and agreed that the proposed action will not result in any significant adverse environmental impacts. H. Goldberg made MOTION for Negative Declaration under Part 3- Determination of Significance section of the EAF and R. Volpi seconded the MOTION, which was carried by all.

P. Slutzky asked K. McGalliard what changes have been made to the façade of the building as the Board had to review them under the Village’s Architectural Review law. K. McGalliard said the only outside changes that were made were, installation of a new exterior door, the outside was coated with a darker stain, the trim was painted, the shed was installed in the rear over the walk-in cooler and the entrance canopy was framed in.

After further discussion, C. Giangrande, made MOTION to approve the project for revision to the existing site plan and under the Architectural Review Law. MOTION seconded by H. Goldberg and carried unanimously.

Public Hearing Guidelines:
P. Slutzky presented the Board with copies of proposed Village of Hunter Planning Board Public Hearing Procedures and Guidelines (which had previously been emailed to Board members) for their consideration. It was agreed that the Procedures could be printed on the back of meeting agendas whenever there is a public hearing scheduled.

H. Goldberg, made MOTION to approve the Public Hearing Procedures and Guidelines. MOTION seconded by R. Volpi and carried unanimously. P. Slutzky then asked D. Edmonds to attach copy of the Procedures and also the two memos from Kevin Schwenzfeier, pertaining to the Hunter Peaks project, to the record copy of theses meeting minutes.

Correspondence: Letter of 1/12/18 Regarding Jagerberg Outdoor Seating


MOTION to adjourn at 8:40 PM by H. Goldberg, seconded by R. Volpi and
carried unanimously.

Transcribed by
Donna Edmonds, Planning Board Secretary