Minutes of Public Hearing
The Village of Hunter Board of Trustees
Date: November 13, 2023
Location: Hunter Wastewater Treatment Plant Meeting Room

Call to Order: Mayor Alan Higgins opened the Public Hearing at 6:45 PM.

Board Members Present: Mayor Alan Higgins, Deputy Mayor Jason DiLeo, and Trustee Benjamin Sommers

Also Present: Kathleen M. Hilbert, Clerk/Treasurer; Christine H. Lucey, Deputy Clerk/Treasurer; Scott Rynard; Todd Murphy; Planning Board Chairman Paul Slutzky.

Public Present: Susan Holm.

Purpose of Hearing: The purpose of the Hearing was to take public comment regarding the adoption of a Local Law annexing three parcels owned by 7776 Hunter Realty LLC into The Village of Hunter. These parcels are identified as tax map numbers 164.00-5-2.21, 164.00-5-2.22 and 164.00-5-7.

Susan Holm asked the Board how the annexation would benefit the Village.

Mayor Higgins said the primary benefit would be tax revenue. The proposed development planned for the parcels of land is well within the Village sewer system’s capacity, he said, and the Board is awaiting the final engineering assessment of the Village’s water system capacity.

The detriments envisioned would be more traffic on Route 23A, and a potential burden on the Village’s water system. If the engineers’ assessment reveals that this burden is too great, the developers would be asked to revise downward the number of dwellings planned for the parcels.

There being no further comment from the public, Mayor Higgins closed the Public Hearing at 7:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted:

Christine H. Lucey
Deputy Clerk/Treasurer