The Village of Hunter
Minutes of The Village of Hunter Board of Trustees Public Hearing Held March 13, 2017
Adopt Local Law No. 4 of 2017 – Update Zoning Map

Call to Order: 7:45PM

Members Present: Trustee Alan Higgins and Trustee Michael Tancredi

Also Present: Kathleen M. Hilbert, Clerk/Treasurer

Public Present: Ron DeMartin and Jim Ray

Trustee Higgins opened the Public Hearing.

Trustee Higgins – There are only two people from the public here. At this time, we will open the Public Hearing for the purpose of adopting Local Law No. 4 of 2017 to update the Zoning Map to incorporate the 2016 Annexations into the Village Residential District (VRD.)

A map is available here for you to view. If there is any public comment, we will take that now.

Jim Ray – Where are these properties? Trustee Higgins pointed out the parcels and described same. Jim Ray – Are there minimum size lots? Trustee Tancredi – It depends what area you are in. Trustee Higgins – Parcel size will have to conform to the stipulations in the Zoning Law.

Ron DeMartin – Originally when Hunter Highlands was approved years ago, that site was supposed to be fifteen lots. Trustee Higgins – That would have been done through the Town of Hunter. It was not in the Village. Any subdivisions that are going to happen here in the Village in the future would have to go through the Planning Board and the Village.

Trustee Higgins – We can shut the tape off until someone else joins the meeting.

Charles Sweet and Rob Corson joined the meeting.

Rob Corson – Will they get village water? Are they in the water district? Why don’t I have water? Trustee Tancredi – Yes, it is part of our water district. Trustee Higgins – The water will be at their own expense. Trustee Tancredi – They pay to bring the line in.

Transcribed by:

Kathleen M. Hilbert

17-03-13 PH tentative minutes