Village of Hunter
Minutes of Public Hearing held February 8, 2016
Local Law No. 1 of 2016 – Property Tax Cap Law

Call to Order: 8:00PM. Pledge of Allegiance

Members Present: Mayor William Maley, Trustee Alan Higgins and Trustee Michael Trancredi

Also Present: Larry Gardner, Village Attorney, Charles Sweet, Superintendent of Highways and Kathleen M. Hilbert

Public Present: Gary Slutzky, John Murphy, John LaVeglia, Gary Goodrich and Anthony Figiel of the Hunter Fire Company No. 1, Rob Corson, Harold Goldberg and Jonathan Harris

Proposed Enactment of Local Law No. 1 of 2016 – Property Tax Cap Law: Mayor Maley stated we are opening with a short public hearing which is required by law so that we can adopt a property tax cap law, which we do every year. The intent is to have a local law for The Village of Hunter to adopt a budget for the fiscal year commencing June 1, 2016, which requires a real property tax levy in excess of the tax levy limit as defined by General Municipal Law Section 3-C. Without this law if the budget goes above 1.6%, we do not have the right to go beyond that cap. By adopting this law, it gives us the ability to do that if need be. We do not anticipate it but without going through the motions we are not allowed to tax above whatever that rate may be, which is the lesser of 2% or the CPI which last year was 1.6%.

Privilege of the Floor: No comments from the floor.

Mayor Maley – Without any input regarding this tax cap law we will close the public hearing.


A motion was made to close the public hearing at 8:05PM by Trustee Michael Tancredi, seconded by Trustee Alan Higgins.

  • Mayor William Maley voting – yea
  • Trustee Alan Higgins voting – yea
  • Trustee Michael Tancredi voting – yea

Mayor Maley – Carried. We will convene the regular meeting.

Transcribed by:

Kathleen M. Hilbert