Minutes of The Village of Hunter Public Hearing held
April 6, 2022

Call to Order: 1:00PM

Members Present: Mayor Alan Higgins and Trustee Benjamin Sommers

Also Present: Clerk Kathleen Hilbert and Todd Murphy, WWTP

Purpose: To hear public comment on the tentative 2022/2023 Sewer Operating Budget.

Privilege of the Floor: No Public Present.

Clerk Hilbert pointed out the discrepancies in the Cost Allocation prepared by Cedarwood Environmental Services stating the actual number of Residential EDUs is 857. Income will be short by approximately $136. Asked the Board how this should be reflected on the Revenue portion of the Budget.

As there were no members of the public present, Mayor Higgins concluded the Public Hearing. Public Hearing was closed at 1:15PM.

Respectfully Submitted by:
Kathleen M. Hilbert, Clerk/Treasurer