Village of Hunter Planning Board
Minutes of Public Hearing and Regular Meeting of
October 26, 2023

Members Present:

Paul Slutzky, Chairman

Carl Giangrande, Member

Richard Volpi, Deputy Chairman

Ed Kaplan, Board Member

Penny Sikalis-Spring, Board Member

Gail Shegerian, Alternate Member


Public Present:         Ron San Fillipo, Phil Raho, Marc Czermerys

Public Hearing:  8294 Main Street—New Accessory Building Site Plan Review

Chairman Slutzky opened the Public Hearing at 7:00 PM. Ron San Fillipo, representing the Applicant, reviewed the proposed new accessory building site plan with all present. The building and its environs would incorporate a pool, spa, patio, workout gym, sauna and therapy rooms, and its construction would be tied in with a planned “facelift” of the connected hotel.

Chairman Slutzky acknowledged receipt of proofs of notice and receipts of delivery for the Notice of Public Hearing which were mailed to the designated abutting property owners.

Mr. San Fillipo said that the new building is not intended to be open to the general public. Its amenities are intended to be only for guests of the hotel. He also said that the hotel will be rented in its entirety only to a single group or entity at one time, such as for reunions or corporate retreats.

Phil Raho said he wished to know more about the new building’s wastewater treatment plans, and about the scope of the project overall.

There being no other members of the public wishing to offer comments, Chairman Slutzky closed the Public Hearing at 7:05 PM.

Open Meeting:

Chairman Slutzky opened the regular Board meeting at 7:05 PM

Review and Approval of the Minutes of the Planning Board Meeting of September 28, 2023:

After review, Richard Volpi made a MOTION to approve the minutes as presented.

Ed Kaplan seconded the MOTION, which was unanimously approved and carried.

Privilege of the Floor: none requested

Old Business:

  • 7776 Main Street—Sketch Site Plan & Major Residential Subdivision—Les Jardine de Hunter

Chairman Slutzky reported that the project’s engineering design is not yet ready to come before the Planning Board. He expects this work to be ready in November or December of 2023. Chairman Slutzky said that the Village of Hunter has engaged the services of Lamont Engineers to assist with all matters related to the Village water system. He said he would like to see a joint meeting with Scott Quimet, P.E., of Kaaterskill Associates, representing the Applicant, with Lamont Engineers, the Village Mayor, representatives from the Village Water Department, and himself, to discuss the Applicant’s ability to utilize the Village water system for their project needs.

Chairman Slutzky said a focus of concern will be whether the Village’s water system will or will not be able to provide sufficient water flow to serve the 48 condominiums and 40 single-family homes which are planned.

  • 8294 Main Street—New Accessory Building Site Plan Review—Ron San Fillipo presenting

Members of the Board discussed the site plans with representative Ron San Fillipo, and observed that no concerns were voiced by owners of abutting properties at the earlier Public Hearing.

Chairman Slutzky said that a 239 Referral review form has been sent to the Greene County Planning Board, but that no response has been received yet.

Since SEQRA Part 1 review had been made by the Board at the previous month’s meeting, Chairman Slutzky invited the Board to discuss SEQRA Part 2 for the project.

Penny Sikalis-Spring asked about the planned composition of the driveway extension. Ron San Fillipo replied that compacted Item 4 will be used, not asphalt.

Carl Giangrande asked where water would be directed for backflow or backwash of the pool. Ron San Fillipo replied that he is not certain yet what the project engineers are planning for this. Inspections of the pool will be regulated by the New York State Department of Health, according to Mr. San Fillipo.

Chairman Slutzky asked whether anyone from the Board sees any potential moderate to large impacts under the eleven questions spelled out under Part 2-Impact Assessment of the Short EAF that may result from the project.

After review, Carl Giangrande made a MOTION that the Board issue a Negative Declaration under SEQRA Short EAF Part 2 for the project. Richard Volpi seconded the MOTION, which was unanimously approved and carried.

Mr. San Fillipo presented the board with colored renderings for the Board’s Architectural Review of the property. He noted that the proposed accessory building is more contemporary in appearance when compared to the existing hotel building. The exterior plan combines hardy board, pine/hemlock light wood, and LP smart siding, with plantings beds around the exterior, leaving trees in the rear of the property whenever possible.

Ed Kaplan made a MOTION to approve the Architectural Review of the project. Penny Sikalis-Spring seconded the MOTION, which was unanimously approved and carried.

Mr. San Fillipo asked the Board whether the plan would need to come back for an additional Board review if roof solar or photovoltaic cells are added later. Chairman Slutzky advised that changes to the approved site plan would need to come before the Planning Board for revised Site Plan review.

Chairman Slutzky said site plan approval is the next step in the project, and that it must wait for a response from Greene County Planning on the 239 Referral review form that was sent to them.

New Business:


  • Hunter Retreat LLC – Tax Map Number 164.05-4-3 – Rad Roubeni, Principal—Hotel, Spa w/Restaurant & Bar, Free Standing Cottages – Sketch Site Plan Review of Preliminary Application–Ron San Fillipo presenting


Chairman Slutzky observed that there is no subdivision involved with this proposal.

Ron San Fillipo presented the preliminary site plan with the Board. He said the first phase of the project is a proposed holistic retreat hotel, consisting of sixteen (16) studio-style hotel rooms and eight (8) 2-bedroom hotel suites, for a total of twenty-four (24) rooms. The first phase would also include a restaurant and bar, a pool and spa, as well as exercise and therapy rooms.

The second phase envisioned includes the construction of twelve (12) free-standing cottages.

Chairman Slutzky advised the project site is located in the Village Business District.

He said the proposal would require a 239 Referral Review by the Greene County Planning Board, as well as a thorough Architectural Review by this Board as the hotel would be clearly visible from route 23A. He also advised the application fee for the project review would be $100 for site plan fee and $50 for each residential unit.

Several members of the Board asked questions about a proposed retention pond and rain garden on the property and suggested that the applicant ask both the NYC DEP and the NYS DEC to walk the site and review it for possible wetlands and water courses. Chairman Slutzky said stormwater runoff from roofs must be considered as part of this review, too.

Chairman Slutzky also said that the Board cannot fully consider the proposed action without a Long Form EAF from the applicant’s engineers. He said the project would likely be classified as an Unlisted Action under SEQRA.

Next, Chairman Slutzky recommended that the applicant’s engineers talk with the Village of Hunter Board and its engineers about water and sewer capacity, pointing out that there are other large-scale projects pending in the Village whose needs must also be taken into consideration.

Chairman Slutzky advised Ron San Fillipo that the SEQRA review is likely to be very involved and would include multiple involved agencies and interested parties. He suggested that applicant’s engineers should have a certified firm do a wetlands mapping study before too much money is spent on engineering design of the project. He further advised that the Planning Board would likely seek Lead Agency status in the project’s SEQRA review once a Long Form EAF has been submitted and project engineering has progressed to the point where a draft Storm Water Pollution Protection Plan has been submitted.


  • Set-Up of New Village E-Mail System –Marc Czermerys presenting

IT advisor Marc Czermerys gave the Board an overview of the Village’s new email system and mail domain. He advised members of the Board against downloading electronically mailed correspondence onto their personal devices, such as phones, tablets, or personal computers.

Marc Czermerys then issued temporary passwords to the Board members not already using the new system and guided them through setting up new secret passwords for themselves.


Chairman’s Report:


Chairman Slutzky expressed concern about the owners of the Stay Marquis property possibly not living up to their approved plan, and said he would engage Carl Giangrande in his role as Code Enforcement Officer to investigate.

Regarding the oversized, non-conforming sign at the Bluebird Hotel, Chairman Slutzky said he is not certain what stage has been reached in the plan to replace it with a Planning Board-approved sign. The Chairman said he will also ask the Code Enforcement Officer to look into the matter.

Chairman Slutzky advised he has received complaints about several unusually bright lights have been installed on the new snow grooming shop at Hunter Mountain and which are very noticeable to nearby homeowners and homeowners across the valley.  The Chairman said he will also ask the Code Enforcement Officer to look into the matter.

The Board discussed that its November 2023 meeting falls on the holiday of Thanksgiving, and discussed rescheduling it, as well as rescheduling the Board’s December 2023 meeting, when several Board members will be out of town.

Penny Sikalis-Spring made a MOTION that both the scheduled meetings of November 23, 2023, and December 28, 2023, be cancelled, and that the Board instead hold a combined November/December meeting on Thursday, December 14, 2023. The MOTION was seconded by Richard Volpi, unanimously approved and carried.


The Village received an invitation for participation in the 2024 Schoharie Watershed Summit. Interested parties are asked to submit dates and times which are convenient to them, and are further asked to suggest topics of special interest. Chairman Slutzky pointed out that members of the Board may receive continuing education credit for their participation, and he asked the Board’s secretary to distribute copies of the invitation to all Planning Board Members.




There being no further business, Richard Volpi made a MOTION to adjourn at 9:02 PM. Penny Sikalis-Spring seconded the MOTION, which was unanimously approved and carried.