Village of Hunter Planning Board  

Thursday, December 14, 2023 

Meeting 7:00 PM 

Waste Water Treatment Plant Conference Room 



Open Regular Meeting:  

Review and Approval of Minutes of October 26, 2023: 

Privilege of the Floor:

Old Business:

Hunter Peaks Major Residential Subdivision and Site Plan—request for 90 day extension to conditional major subdivision approval

8294 Main Street—New Accessory Building Site Plan Review—Ron SanFillipo presenting

Hunter Retreat LLC—Tax Lot #164.05-4-3—Hotel, Spa w/Restaurant & Bar, Free Standing Cottages—Ron san Fillipo presenting

New Business:

Hunter Mountain Ski Bowl Lift Replacement—Site Plan Review (construction of new base terminal for chairlift B)—Jessie Fraine of Delaware Engineering , D.P.C. and Trent Poole presenting

8350 Main Street-Sketch Site Plan-Multiple Family Dwelling—Abe Stefanski presenting

Chairman’s Report:

• Update on Ongoing Projects


Correspondence: None