Village of Hunter Planning Board
Meeting Minutes
May 24, 2018

Members Present:

Richard Volpi, Deputy Chairman
Gary Goodrich, Board Member
Harold Goldberg, Board Member
Carl Giangrande, Board Member
Cheryl Cornelius, Alternate Member

Public Present: Jeff Prince representing Hunter Peaks, LLC; Sonia Yudell

Opening of Regular Meeting:

Richard Volpi opened the regular meeting at 7:00 p.m.

After review, Gary Goodrich made MOTION to approve the minutes as presented. MOTION seconded by Carl Giangrande and carried unanimously.

New Business: None

Old Business:

  1. Hunter Peaks Major Residential Subdivision: Tax Lot #164.00-7-3 –Major Subdivision Preliminary Plat and Site Plan Review – Jeff Prince presenting

Discussed at the meeting was a letter of notification by the State Attorney General Watershed received by the Board and the Development Company. Kevin from Delaware Engineer D.P.C. was unable to attend the meeting tonight but will be attending the next Planning Board meeting in June. He will interpret the notification that was sent out by the State Attorney General Watershed and tell the Board what it means and what will be next options.

In response to the letter from the State Attorney General Watershed office, it was decided by the developers that they retain legal counsel. They hired the law firm of Whiteman, Osterman and Hanna, LLP of Albany. They are a well known environmental law firm. They were the law firm who did the review for the Belleayre resort, which was successful.

Jeff Prince also mentioned that he had a phone conference which lasted an hour and a half with

Dan the new Attorney, Walter and Daniel Yun. It was explained to the Board by Jeff Prince, that the letter from the State Attorney General was triggered by the DEP from New York City because the property is in the watershed and the runoff, perhaps, would go into the Schoharie. So as a result, the DEP is lobbying for a full Environmental Impact Study.

Between ongoing conversations with the Development Company today, they submitted the Storm water erosion control plan, which is roughly 400 pages, which is pending review and comments by the DEP. Under the SEC review process, had until today, May 24, 2018 to issues their comments. On Tuesday, May 29th, the Development Company will give the DEP notice that if they do not respond in 10 days with comments on the Storm water plan for whatever reason, the plan will be automatically approved. This is not expected to happen as the DEP has concerns of steep grades, runoffs and other the other items outlined in the Attorney General’s letter. The Developer understood and agreed with the Board not to take any action at this meeting until we receive a report from our Engineering Consultant, Delaware Engineering.

Jeff Prince stated by that ultimately what the DEP wants to do is to slow down the process. This is a stalling tactic.

Also mentioned by Jeff Prince, coincidentally, that today he received the offering plans from the late 1980’s on that same 60 plat which was approved by the Town of Hunter Planning Board for 50 single family homes and 100 condominiums on that same site.

Jeff Prince also stated that he had been authorized by the Developers to state on the record, that any expense to the village will be paid for by the Development Company, so the village will have no exposure in terms of their liability.

By the next meeting, it is anticipated that comments will have been received from the DEP. For the record, Larry Gardner has received a copy of the notification letter.

A meeting of the Development Company will be held on June 7th at the property. The time is TBD and Jeff Prince will inform the Board of meeting time as he has invited the Board members to attend if they so desire.

The Development Company will keep the Board up to date and informed as to any new developments.


MOTION to adjourn at 7:30 p.m. by R. Volpe seconded by G. Goodrich and carried unanimously.

Transcribed by
Sonia Yudell