Members Present:

Paul Slutzky, Chairman
Richard Volpi, Deputy Chairman
Gary Goodrich, Board Member
Harold Goldberg, Board Member
Carl Giangrande, Board Member
Cheryl Cornelius, Alternate Member

Public Present: Jeff Prince, Walter Kubow, P.E.; Chad Lindberg, P.E., Sean Howard

Opening of Regular Meeting:

P. Slutzky opened the regular meeting at 7:00 PM.

Review and Approval of Minutes of March 7, 2019:

After review, H. Goldberg made MOTION to approve minutes. MOTION seconded by C. Giangrande and carried unanimously.

Privilege of the Floor: none

New Business:

  • 7883 Main Street Café—Site Plan and Architectural Plan Review—Tax Lot #164.10-2-12—Chad Lindberg, P.E., & Sean Howard of Taconic Engineering, DPC, presenting

Board reviewed previously received copies of Site Plan Review application, site plan drawings and short EAF. C. Lindberg reviewed and discussed the proposed site plan drawings for the site which is located in the Village Business District. He reviewed the proposed change in use of the building from a former antique store to a café on first floor with office space on second floor. He advised that due to front of building encroaching on the NYSDOT right-of-way and its location in flood zone, it is proposed to elevate existing building 3.25 feet via full foundation replacement and to move the building back 6 feet to south to be out of NYSDOT R.O.W. He recapped his discussion with NYSDOT representative about R.O.W. issue and advised that Taconic has made application to Catskill Watershed Corp for a flood zone remediation grant to help with cost of raising building. He also reviewed the proposed new exterior ADA lift, the addition to rear of existing building, new porch and steps, and new relocated and sized water and sewer services.

Board inquired about parking availability, proposed hours of operation of café and whether liquor would be served. C. Lindberg advised site would utilize available parking on both sides of Main Street in front of and adjacent to site. Applicant advised hours of operation for café would be approximately between 7:00 AM and 9:00 PM and that no live entertainment was planned. He also advised a wine and beer license would be sought and applicant has already inquired with Liquor Authority as to the requirements necessary to obtain such a license.

P. Slutzky advised that 239m review by Greene County Planning Department was required as site is within 500 feet of a state highway. He said the required referral form with project information would be mailed to County Planning tomorrow.

P. Slutzky advised applicant that architectural review was also required as building is clearly visible on three sides from Main Street. S. Howard reviewed elevation drawings with Board and advised proposed siding materials and colors would be presented for architectural review at April meeting.

Board reviewed and discussed Part 1-Project Information of the submitted short EAF form.

After Board agreed preliminary site plan application was complete, H. Goldberg made MOTION to schedule a Public Hearing on the proposed site plan at the April 25, 2019 regular Board meeting. P. Slutzky seconded the MOTION which was carried without dissent. P. Slutzky advised C. Lindberg that he would forward a Notice of Public Hearing to him, which notice needed to be mailed certified return/receipt to all abutters as named in the site plan application and that copies of mailing receipts must be presented to Board at April 25 Public Hearing.

Old Business:

  • Hunter Peaks Major Residential Subdivision–Tax Lot #164.00-7-3– Major Subdivision Final Plat Review—Jeff Prince and Walter Kubow, P.E., presenting

P. Slutzky acknowledged receipt of Map of Major Subdivision Final Plat from Chazen along with copy of NYCDEP approval letter of project’s Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan dated March 12, 2019, and copy of Chazen’s letter to Watershed Inspector General’s office dated March 26, 2019 with responses to comments received from WIG office in letter dated February 27, 2019.

W. Kubow reviewed and discussed the proposed Final Major Subdivision plat, the SWPPP approval letter from NYCDEP, and Chazen letter of responses to WIG comments. He also advised that project sponsor has hired a firm that will commence the camera inspection of the Hunter Highlands sewer mains on April 8, 2019 to identify any repairs that need to be made to facilitate the tie in of the Hunter Peaks septic system to the Hunter Highlands Pollution Control Corp plant. He said NYCDEP and sewer plant operator will have representatives on site as well during the inspection.

Board reviewed with J. Prince and W. Kubow the various remaining requirements to be met that would be conditions of approval attached to the Board’s Resolution for Major Subdivision Approval. P. Slutzky said he would try to finalize these conditions in a draft resolution with the assistance of Board consultant, K. Schwenzfeier of Delaware Engineering, in time for review at the April Board meeting.

After discussion, R. Volpi made MOTION to schedule a Public Hearing on the proposed Major Subdivision Final Plat at 7:00 PM at the April 25, 2019 Board meeting. G. Goodrich seconded the MOTION, which carried without dissent. P. Slutzky advised J. Prince he will forward him a copy of the Notice of Public Hearing to be mailed by applicant via certified mail return/receipt at least two weeks prior to the April meeting. He also advised the Notice should go to all abutters to the project as well as Hunter Highlands Condominiums I & II, Trailside Condominiums I & II, Town of Hunter, and Hunter Highlands Pollution Control Corp.

W. Kubow advised the required Individual SPDES permit has been applied for and is under review by NYSDEC. He said when that permit is approved, the Wetlands Disturbance Permit and the Stream Crossing Permit should be issued simultaneously with it.

P. Slutzky reminded applicant that at such time as the Final Plat is approved with conditions, the applicant then has 180 days to complete the requirements of the conditions, and the Board to verify their completeness, or the approval expires.


H. Goldberg made MOTION to adjourn at 8:30 PM. MOTION seconded by C. Giangrande and carried unanimously.

Transcribed by
P. Slutzky