Members Present via Zoom:

Paul Slutzky, Chairman
Richard Volpi, Deputy Chairman
Gary Goodrich, Board Member
Harold Goldberg, Board Member
Carl Giangrande, Board Member
Gail Shegerian, Alternate Member

Public Present via Zoom: Harout Dermenjian, Kim McGalliard, Michael Penchansky

Opening of Regular Meeting:

P. Slutzky opened the meeting at 7:03 PM via Zoom

Review and Approval of Minutes of February 25, 2021:

After review, H. Goldberg made MOTION to approve the minutes. MOTION seconded by R. Volpi and carried unanimously.

Privilege of the Floor: none

New Business:

  • Penchansky Lot Line Adjustment—Tax I.D.# 148.18-2-21 & 148.18-2-8—Garfield and Point Breeze Avenue—Michael Penchansky presenting

Board reviewed application and Vanucchi survey map. M. Penchansky advised he was in process of buying the two lots but the sale has not as yet closed. P. Slutzky advised him that Board would not be able to finalize the lot line adjustment review until the sale was completed, unless the current owner wished to present the project prior to sale of the lots.

The Board agreed the project would probably not require a public hearing. M. Penchnsky advised he intended to connect both lots to the Village sewer system as there is an existing manhole on Garfield adjacent to the lots. He said the Village water main is too far from property and likely would not be an option, so well or wells would have to be drilled.

After Board discussion, P. Slutzky advised M. Penchansky that when he is ready to resume the review he will need to furnish the Board with the following:

    1. Updated survey map showing the accurate configuration of the existing lots and the proposed configuration of the lots after lot line adjustment
    2. Copies of the existing deeds and copies of the proposed deeds containing the language required under Article VIII Section 2.D. of the Lot Line Adjustment section of the Village Zoning Law
    3. Check for $50 payable to Village of Hunter
  • Ludwig Schmidt & Fritzie Martin Lot Line Adjustment—8350 & 8342 Route 23A

The Board reviewed the project application and survey map with proposed lot line adjustment. Board noted project is in the Gateway Business District and that both lots are owned by Schmidt and Martin and that both existing lots have direct access to NYS Route 23A, and the proposed two lots after lot line adjustment will also have direct access to 23A.

P. Slutzky advised that Lou Schmidt told him he wanted to put the bulk of the land of the two lots with the Traphagen Honey business, which has an apartment and store in the main building as well as a garage and sheds, and leave the single family house on a smaller separate lot.

Board discussed the necessity for a public hearing and the consensus was that one would not be required.

Board reviewed Part 1—Project Information of the Short EAF and took no exception to any of the responses. Board then discussed Part 2—Impact Assessment of the Short EAF. Board agreed that none of the 11 questions in Part 2 indicated that moderate to large impacts might occur. H. Goldberg made MOTION for negative declaration under SEQR.

R. Volpi seconded MOTION which was carried by all.

After further discussion R. Volpi made MOTION to approve the proposed Lot Line Adjustment contingent on copies of existing and proposed new deeds being presented for review by Chairman prior to signing the survey maps.

  • Jagerberg Beer Hall—Site Plan Revision—7722 Main Street—Kim McGalliard presenting

P. Slutzky advised that project application, proposed revised site plan map and completed Short Environmental Assessment Form were previously emailed to Board members for their review and that he had forwarded a 239 Review Form with all required additional information to Greene County Planning on 3/18/21 for their review as the project is located within 500 feet of NYS Route 23A.

K. McGalliard then reviewed the proposed revisions with the Board. She described the 15’ x 25’ deck on grade to be added to the west side of the building and the 10’ x 25’ deck on grade to be added to the east of the building for additional outside dining. She advised seasonal awnings would be placed to cover the new decks. She said she did not plan to relocate the fence on the west side of the building to the property line at this time. She advised that the parking lot in the rear would be enlarged by clearing and graveling the west side closer to the property line and expanding and graveling the lot towards the ditch in the rear. She said they wanted to replace the existing shed in rear with a new 10’ x 12’ storage shed. She advised garbage dumpsters would remain as they are.

P. Slutzky inquired if the line of bushes near the front on the west side would need to be disturbed. K. McGalliard said they were clearly on her property and she might request her neighbor Ms. Mesko to relocate them to her property or remove them.

C. Giangrande said he received complaints from neighbor Ms. Mesko relative to occasionally smelly dumpsters, barbecue smoke and water build up on west side. K. McGalliard said they would not be utilizing the barbecue truck any more. C. Giangrande said he would stop by to review the water and odor complaint issue with K. McGalliard in near future.

After discussion R. Volpi made MOTION to hold a public hearing on the proposed site plan revisions at 7:00 PM on April 22, 2021 at the regular Board meeting. H. Goldberg seconded the MOTION, which was carried by all. P. Slutzky told K. McGalliard he would forward her a Notice of Public Hearing which she would need to mail via certified return/receipt to all listed abutting landowners plus Foucart on south side of NYS Route 23A.

Board reviewed Part 1 Short EAF and determined that no SEQR determination would be made until after the Public Hearing is held.

  • Hunter Vine—7719 Main Street—Site Plan Review—New Construction of Commercial Building on Existing Foundation—Harout Dermenjian presenting

P. Slutzky said application, rendering, location sketch and Short Form EAF were previously emailed to Board for their review. He advised that due to project location on NYS Route 23A, he had submitted a 239 Review Referral Form to Greene County Planning on 3/19/21.

H. Dermenjian then reviewed proposed project which would be built on existing foundation and have a retail wine shop on lower level and an apartment or studio on upper floor. He advised the upper floor would not be commercial space. R. Volpi inquired as to the size of the building. H. Dermenjian advised the existing foundation is 20’ wide by 50’ deep. P. Slutzky advised the project is in the Village Business District and the lot is a pre-existing nonconforming lot under the Village Zoning Law. He cited language from Article 5—Nonconforming Uses and Structures of the Zoning Law and after discussion the Board agreed this project is an allowable use of the lot. Required setbacks could be maintained, but mean lot width would be less than 50 feet.

Board inquired as to available parking and H. Dermenjian explained he intended to use the available street parking at the lot and that applicant owned a two acre lot directly across 23A that could be utilized for additional parking if necessary.

C. Giangrande advised applicant to be mindful of ADA requirements when determining the final use of the upper floor.

Board reviewed the project rendering under the Village Architectural Review Law. H. Dermenjian explained the concept of the vine-like metal work on the facade with interior background lighting. After discussion, C. Giangrande made MOTION to approve the project under the Village Architectural Law. H. Goldberg seconded the MOTION which was carried by all.

R. Volpi made MOTION to hold a public hearing on the project at 7:00 PM at the April 22, 2021 regular Board meeting. G. Goodrich seconded the MOTION, which carried unanimously. Board advised H. Dermenjian to mail the Notice of Public Hearing certified return/receipt to the two neighbors to the west of the property and to Jagerberg Beer Hall and Ms. Mesko across 23A.

Board reviewed Part 1- Project Information of the submitted Short EAF under SEQR. Board agreed no determination would be made until after public hearing is held.

P. Slutzky reminded H. Dermenjian to drop off a check at the Village Hall for $100 site plan review fee payable to the Village of Hunter.

Old Business:

  • Short Term Rental Committee Discussion

P. Slutzky reviewed the webinar hosted by Samantha White of Host Compliance, that he, R. Volpi and H. Goldberg attended on March 3. He also reviewed the discussion that he and R. Volpi had with Mayor Higgins and reported that the Mayor was pleased with the STR Committee’s progress to date and supportive of the direction we it is going in its effort to draft proposed Village legislation to address the STR situation. R. Volpi discussed a proposed draft budget for the project with the Mayor, who felt the Village would be able to fund a budget like this until sufficient STR registration fees came in to the Village to defray all associated costs. The Mayor also was receptive to the Village accepting the proposal by Delaware Engineering to provide assistance in drafting a Village STR ordinance. Lastly P. Slutzky and R. Volpi reviewed a realistic schedule for having an ordinance in place and operational. They both felt this was doable by late fall of this year.

  • Hunter Peaks Project

P. Slutzky reviewed the current status of the Hunter Peaks project. He said the Mayor has asked Delaware Engineering to review the water system design submitted by applicant to NYSDOH to determine if the Village is capable of supplying water to the project as designed. He said Jessie Fraine of Delaware should be reporting back to the Mayor on this matter very soon.


C. Giangrande made MOTION to adjourn the meeting at 8:25 PM. H. Goldberg seconded the MOTION, which carried unanimously.

Transcribed by:
Paul Slutzky