Village of Hunter Planning Board
Meeting Minutes
July 27, 2017

Members Present:

Paul Slutzky, Chairman
Richard Volpi, Deputy Chairman
Gary Goodrich, Board Member
Harold Goldberg, Board Member
Carl Giangrande, Board Member(arrived 7:48pm)
Cheryl Cornelius, Alternate Member

Public Present: Jeff Prince representing Mountaintrail at Hunter, LLC & Hunter Peaks LLC, Ronald DeMartin

Opening of Meeting: P. Slutzky opened the meeting at 7:02 p.m.

Privilege of the Floor: none

Review and Approval of Minutes of June 22, 2017:

After review, G. Goodrich made MOTION to approve the minutes as presented. MOTION seconded by C. Cornelius and carried by all.

Old Business:

  • Mountaintrail at Hunter, LLC–Hunter Drive, Tax Lot #164.00-3-7—Major Subdivision Preliminary Plat and Site Plan review—Jeff Prince presenting

J. Prince advised that applicant’s engineer has submitted SWPPPs for the two adjacent lots that had previously been approved for Minor Subdivision and for the Major Subdivision, which is currently under review, to NYC-DEP for review and comment. He then presented two additional sets of final sketch plan drawings for Board use.

P. Slutzky advised he had prepared Request for Lead Agency Status letter (copies given to Board and applicant) and had mailed them out with copies of application, Full EAF and project plans to five involved agencies in the coordinated SEQR review. He said the Greene County Planning package included a 239 Review form as the site was located within 500 feet of the Town/Village of Hunter municipal boundary. He said he also mailed a package to Delaware Engineering, the Board’s consultant. He said he would mail out the packages to the additional identified interested agencies in the SEQR review as soon as additional plan sets and Full EAFs are received from applicant’s engineer.

Board reviewed in detail with J. Prince the MAJOR SUBDIVISION PRELIMINARY PLAT REQUIREMENTS enumerated under. SECTION 1. A. Requirements of the Village Subdivision Law. Board asked that preliminary plat be revised to add: pipe sizing for sewer, water and storm sewer lines; language spelled out in Paragragh 10; location and spacing of fire hydrants; preliminary design of any proposed bridges; metes and bounds description of lot to be subdivided; as well as any additional plat requirements of this section of the law.

P. Slutzky asked that copy of proposed Covenants and Deed Restrictions for the subdivision be forwarded to Board along with the revised preliminary plat.

Board reviewed the preliminary plat with J. Prince. It was noted that road profiles and details appeared to be in conformance with Village Roads Standards Law of 1989. Board asked that typical detail(s) for retaining walls be included on plat. J. Prince discussed the intention of hooking the sewer outflows from the project into the lines leading to the Hunter Highlands Pollution Control Corp and noted that as an alternative their engineer will investigate the possibility of installing a new sewer line from the subdivision be tied in to the Village’s sewer system.

J. Prince said he intends to have copies of the preliminary plat revised as per the discussion at tonight’s meeting and submitted in time to be reviewed at Board’s August meeting.

P. Slutzky advised that Village had received $5,000 check from applicant to be escrowed for expenses of Board consultant as well as check for $4,850 for the required Major Subdivision and Site Plan fees. He noted that applicant miscalculated the fee amount and an additional $250 is due to the Village.

P. Slutzky advised that a preliminary plat cannot be considered complete until a negative declaration under SEQR has been filed and that a Public Hearing won’t be scheduled until after receipt of the complete preliminary plat.

New Business: none

Correspondence: None


Motion made to adjourn at 8:40 p.m. by H. Goldberg, seconded by C. Giangrande and carried unanimously.

Transcribed by
P. Slutzky