Village of Hunter Planning Board Meeting Minutes
Joint Public Hearing with the Town of Hunter Planning Board

January 2, 2024

Members Present:
Paul Slutzky, Chairman
Ed Kaplan, Board Member
Penny Sikalis-Spring, Board Member
Gail Shegerian, Alternate Member
Absent: Richard Volpi, Board Member


Public Hearing: Replacement and relocation of Lifts E and B — Tax map numbers 164.00-4-4, 164.00-4-6, and 164-00-4-8, located at 64 Klein Avenue in Hunter.

Town of Hunter Planning Board Chairman Marc Czermerys opened the Town Public Hearing at 6:51 PM.

Village of Hunter Planning Board Chairman Paul Slutzky opened the Village Public Hearing at 6:52 PM.

Jesse Fraine, P.E., Trent Poole, and Brooke Kasman, representing the Applicant, presented an overview of the proposed project on behalf of Hunter Mountain.

Gail Shegerian asked whether any Village of Hunter roads will be used during delivery of the new lift equipment or during removal of any trees by logging.

Jesse Fraine said that no use of village roads is anticipated during delivery of the equipment, and Trent Poole said that the trees which will be cut will be chipped and those chips used on the property.

Town Chairman Czermerys noted that the Board received multiple letters in support of the project. No further public comment was made. The Town public hearing was duly closed.


There being no further business, Chairman Slutzky made a MOTION to close the Village public hearing at 6:59 PM. Ed Kaplan seconded the MOTION, which was unanimously approved and carried.