Members Present via Zoom:

Paul Slutzky, Chairman
Richard Volpi, Deputy Chairman
Gary Goodrich, Board Member
Harold Goldberg, Board Member
Carl Giangrande, Board Member
Gail Shegerian, Alternate Member

Public Present via Zoom: Duks Koschitz, Dean Prime

Opening of Regular Meeting:

P. Slutzky opened the meeting at 7:00 PM via Zoom

Review and Approval of Minutes of December 17, 2020:

After review, R. Volpi made MOTION to approve the minutes. MOTION seconded by
C. Giangrande and carried unanimously.

Privilege of the Floor:

Duks Koschitz advised he and his friends are considering purchasing building lots in the Kevin Purro subdivision off Garfield Avenue and he had a variety of questions relative to the possible dedication of road or roads in the subdivision to the Village and what standard would have to be met. After discussion the Board advised him to request a copy of the Village’s “ A Local Law Regulating Standards for the Dedication of Village Roads” from the Village clerk. Board also advised him to discuss the road and sewer issues with Mayor Alan Higgins.

New Business: none

Old Business:

  • Short Term Rental Committee Discussion

The Board reviewed the Harmari STR and Host Compliance proposals for services and agreed that the scope of services offered by each was similar. After reviewing pricing, it was determined that the service components that seemed most desirable for the Village would cost approximately $12,400 for Harmari STR versus $14,400 for Host Compliance in the first year. Harmari STR pricing for the second and third year would be $10,140 whereas Host Compliance cost would most likely rise in second and third year as their pricing is based on a predetermined cost per year per STR listing, and listings would likely continue to increase in successive years. It was noted that Host Compliance identified 259 listings, representing 203 unique rental units, but based their pricing on 340 listings as this is the number they feel need to be analyzed and monitored for compliance.

Harmari STR based their pricing on the 249 discrete listings that they have identified in the Village.

    • The Board reviewed the Village’s goals that they feel would be most important as it relates to short term rentals and determined the primary goals are to:
    • Reduce noise, parking, traffic and trash problems
    • Improve responsiveness to neighbor complaints
    • Ensure reasonable occupancy goals
    • Reduce tension between short-term rental property owners and their neighbors
    • Send a clear message to Village residents that the Village takes the STR problems seriously

Additional goals that might take on a higher priority after an initial STR compliance program is in place were determined to be:

    • Reduce STR’s impact on neighborhood character
    • Ensure building safety
    • Stem STR’s negative impact on affordable housing availability
    • Ensure a level playing field between law abiding traditional lodging providers and problematic short-term rentals

The Board discussed what would be the appropriate annual registration fee for all identified STRs and agreed that it would need to be set at a rate, that in aggregate, fully covers all Village expenses related to the program, including monies to pursue enforcement actions against any noncompliant STRs.

The Board discussed whether STR regulations could best be implemented by amendment to the existing Village Zoning Law or by a new Village law. Chairman Slutzky said he thought a new law would work best. He said the Zoning law regulates the uses that are allowed in each zoning district and since STRs are currently located in all the districts it would probably be easier to write a separate law. C. Giangrande inquired as to whether it could be done via issuance of special use permits under the Zoning law, as some other municipalities have done. After discussion it was agreed that the special use permit process would take far too long and require too many resources to make it a viable option for the Village. After further discussion, it was agreed that Chairman Slutzky would discuss this matter with a planning consultant that Board has worked with in the past to get their perspective on which way to go and what some of their firm’s time might cost for this purpose.

Board discussed checking references for the two firms that have submitted proposals to date. C. Giangrande will check Host Compliance reference with Town of Jewett, R. Volpi and P. Slutzky will attempt to check their references with Ulster County and Fallsburg. H. Goldberg advised he has corresponded with Lake Placid on this matter and will forward information to Chairman Slutzky for distribution.


R. Volpi made MOTION to adjourn the meeting at 9:11 PM. H. Goldberg seconded the MOTION, which carried unanimously.

Transcribed by:
Paul Slutzky