Village of Hunter Planning Board
Regular Meeting Minutes
February 25, 2016

Members Present:
Paul Slutzky, Chairman
Richard Volpi, Board Member (Absent)
Gary Goodrich, Board Member
Harold Goldberg, Board Member
Carl Giangrande, Board Member
Cheryl Cornelius, Alternate Member

Public Present: Yury and Elvira Fyodorov, Laurie Hanenberg

Opening of Meeting: P. Slutzky opened the meeting at 7:04 p.m.

Review and Approval of Minutes of January 28, 2016:
Motion was made to approve the minutes by H. Goldberg, seconded by G. Goodrich and carried unanimously.

Privilege of the Floor: none

Old Business:

  • Broverman’s End, LLC—2 lot Minor Subdivision

No representative in attendance

New Business:

  • Two-Lot, Lot Line Adjustment—Tax Lots #164.10-1-31.1 & 31.2

Owners Yury and Elvira Fyodorov advised the Board that they had recently closed on the purchase of the two vacant lots at the northeast corner of Dolans Lane and Main Street (formerly owned by Ruta) and they desired to move the lot line dividing the two lots so as to allow both lots to have driveway access to Dolans Lane. They further advised they wanted to construct a new modular, single family residential home on each lot. Mrs. Fyodorov presented a completed Lot Line Adjustment application with $50 check for application fee and a survey map by Holtz Surveying showing the existing and proposed lot lines separating the two lots.

P. Slutzky advised that both lots are in the Village Business District and that single family residential use is allowed in this district. The Board agreed that the location of the proposed homes as shown on the survey map were compliant with the Area requirements for the Village Business District under the Zoning Law. Mrs. Fyodorov presented catalogue cuts of the proposed modular homes. She said they would be constructed on concrete slabs on grade with integral crawl spaces.

The Board discussed various issues with the Fyodorovs, including: location of existing utility connections (if any) to water and sewer mains; approval of driveway accesses to Dolans Lane by Village Highway Superintendent; necessity of Village Board approvals for hooking in to water and sewer systems; necessity of obtaining building permits from Building Inspector; issues relating to possibility of parts of the two lots being in the designated flood plain area.

Mrs. Fyodorov completed a Village of Hunter Application for Village Water and Sewer Service, which P. Slutzky said he would give to Village Clerk for forwarding to Water and Sewer Departments for review and submission to the Village Board for their approval.

P. Slutzky then commenced the SEQRA review. He advised this is an Unlisted Action under SEQRA. The Board reviewed the submitted Short EAF Part 1 and discussed whether the proposed action would result in any significant environmental impacts under Part 2 of the EAF.

H. Goldberg made MOTION for Negative Declaration under SEQRA. G. Goodrich seconded MOTION, which carried unanimously.

P. Slutzky made MOTION to approve the proposed Lot Line Adjustment contingent on the following:

  1. Submission to Board of proof of ownership of the two lots
  2. Submission of proposed new deeds for two adjusted lots for Board review
  3. Submission of final survey map for filing at County Real Property for Board review and signature
  4. Verification by Village Highway Superintendent that both lots can have driveways entering from Dolans Lane
  5. Submission to Village Board of Application for Village Water and Sewer Service and Village Board’s subsequent approval of hook ups

G. Goodrich seconded the MOTION, which carried unanimously.

  • Sign Permit Application—7537 Main Street

L. Hanenberg presented Sign Permit Application for 7537 Main Street, owned by Bartek Witke. She advised that building has been reconfigured as a residential rental unit in rear portion and commercial office in front. She discussed with the Board the various sign layouts that owner, Bartek Witke, had submitted with his application. The Board advised her that the sign could only advertise the presence of the business located in the building on the property and no other off-premise businesses. Due to the 45 mph speed limit and hill in front of building location, the Board expressed that it would be unwise and perhaps dangerous to try to include too much information, such as phone number, e-mail address and occupancy capacity, on the sign face. After further discussion, H. Goldberg made MOTION to approve the application contingent on submission to the Board, and approval of by the Board, the proposed final graphics to be used on the sign. C. Cornelius seconded the MOTION, which carried unanimously.

Correspondence: None

Motion was made to adjourn at 8:15 p.m. by H. Goldberg, seconded by C. Giangrande, and carried unanimously.

Transcribed by
P. Slutzky