Village of Hunter Planning Board
Regular Meeting Minutes
April 28, 2022

Members Present:
Paul Slutzky, Chairman
Richard Volpi, Deputy Chairman
Gary Goodrich, Board Member (absent)
Harold Goldberg, Board Member
Carl Giangrande, Board Member
Gail Shegerian, Alternate Member

Public Present: Mike Poppa, Neil Harris, Karen Depeyster, Sarah Trafton, Joseph Brennan

Open Meeting:

P. Slutzky opened the meeting at 7:00 PM

Review and Approval of the Minutes of February 24, 2022 Planning Board Meeting:
After review, R. Volpi made MOTION to approve the minutes as presented.
H. Goldberg seconded the MOTION, which was carried by all.

Privilege of the Floor:
Karen Depeyster and Sarah Trafton of Tobacco-Free Action of Columbia and Greene Counties, a program of the Healthcare Consortium, gave a presentation in support of the Village of Hunter adopting a law that would bar sales of tobacco products within 1,000 feet of the HTC Elementary School in the Village. They advised that 14 similar municipalities in the region have put in place laws to prohibit tobacco sales within 1,000 feet of schools. It could be done by passing a law or amending a zoning document. They further advised that polling showed 74% of respondents in Greene County would support such a law and 64% of smokers in Greene County would also support such a law. They said the Village of Tannersville had already passed such a law and they would forward us a copy for reference.

C. Giangrande said he had roughly measured off 1,000 feet along Main Street to the East and West of the elementary school and that the distance went from the Roseberrys property to the West to Dolan’s Lane to the East. The Board discussed the matter and agreed there currently were no businesses in that stretch selling tobacco products.

After further discussion, P. Slutzky made a MOTION to recommend to the Village of Hunter Board of Trustees that they adopt a law or zoning amendment that would ban sale of tobacco products within 1,000 feet of the HTC Elementary School. C. Giangrande seconded the MOTION, which was carried with four votes in favor and one vote against.

Chairman Slutzky thanked Ms. Depeyster and Ms. Trafton for their presentation and said he would present the resolution to the Village Board for their review.

Old Business: none

New Business:

  • The Pro Ski and Board Shop—7535 Main Street–Sketch Site Plan Review—2 Story Addition

P. Slutzky reminded the Board that this project previously was classified a Type II action under SEQR, requiring no further environmental review and the Board had also previously approved the project under the Architectural Review Law. The only remaining item under review after the February 24, 2022 Planning Board meeting was final site plan approval which was withheld until response from Greene County Planning on the 239 Referral was received. He then advised that the response was received dated 4/21/22 and was marked LOCAL DECISION WITH COMMENTS. He then read allowed the comments which focused on deviations from set back requirements in the Village Gateway Business District and potential need for NY DOT work permits. After discussion, the Board agreed that the set back deviations were grandfathered in as the ski shop was in operation prior to the adoption of the Village of Hunter Zoning Law in 2006 and therefore was a pre-existing nonconforming use and no DOT work permits were required as there was no work contemplated that impacted the existing curb cut on NYS Route 23A. P. Slutzky said he would so advise Greene County Planning when he returns the NOTICE OF FINAL ACTION BY REFERRING AGENCY to them.

There being no further discussion, G. Shegerian made MOTION to approve the project under site plan review. C. Giangrande seconded the MOTION, which was carried by all.

P. Slutzky said he would advise applicant to furnish a minimum of three signed site plan sets for Chairman’s signature.

  • Sedgwick House Renovations—7760 Main Street—Sketch Site Plan Review—Joseph Brennan, AIA presenting

J. Brennan advised that applicant closed on purchase of the Sedgwick property today. He then reviewed the proposed site plan changes for the Board. He said the main building has seven bedrooms and six bathrooms, the cabin has one bedroom and one bathroom and the property would be advertised for rent to up to sixteen persons at a time. He said the new owner has other similar large homes in his portfolio that are branded as Casa Marquis properties and there would be a designated regional property manager but no management at the site. He said the existing commercial style kitchen would be relocated and given a more residential feel. Board reviewed various issues with J. Brennan, including: signage; exterior lighting; trash handling and removal; privacy hedges; proposed hours of use of exterior firepit, pool and deck; adequacy of parking. J. Brennan said he would incorporate lighting plan, enclosed garbage dumpster, signage, designated parking spaces and specifics of privacy hedge in a revised site plan that he would forward to Board ASAP.

P. Slutzky said the project would require Greene County Planning 239 Referral review and he would not be able to forward the review package to the County until he received the revised site plan. He also advised that due to its proximity to Main Street, the project would have to be reviewed under the Village’s Architectural Review Law. J, Brennan then presented renderings of property elevations that would be visible from Main Street. He indicated only minor changes to building exterior were proposed.
The Board reviewed the Short EAF that was submitted and after discussion R. Volpi made MOTION to classify the project as a Type II action requiring no further SEQRA review. C. Giangrande seconded the MOTION, which carried unanimously.

After discussion, R. Volpi made MOTION to hold a public hearing on the project at 7:00 PM at the Planning Board meeting scheduled for May 26, 2022. H. Goldberg seconded the MOTION, which carried unanimously. P. Slutzky advised J. Brennan that NOTICE of Public Hearing would need to be sent by applicant to all project abutters, including the other side of NYS Rte 23A, via return/receipt mailing and the receipts would need to be presented to the Board at the Public Hearing.

As the property is planned to be operated as a short term rental house in the future, the Board discussed with J. Brennan various aspects of a draft short term rental law which the Planning Board has been working on and which could possibly become law in the future.

P. Slutzky advised that the fee for site plan review is $100 payable to Village of Hunter.

Chairman’s Report:

P. Slutzky updated the Board on the status of the Hunter Peaks Project, which he expects to be back on the agenda within the next couple of months. C. Giangrande said he had issued letters of condemnation to two Main Street property owners whose buildings are in serious state of disrepair. He is also following up on some potential sign law violations.


H. Goldberg made MOTION for adjournment at 8:30PM. C. Giangrande seconded the MOTION, which was carried by all.

Transcribed by:
P. Slutzky