The Village of Hunter
Minutes of The Village of Hunter Board of Trustees
Emergency Meeting held June 12, 2017

Members Present: Mayor Alan Higgins and Trustee Michael Tancredi

Also Present: Village Attorney Larry Gardner and Clerk/Treasurer Kathleen M. Hilbert

Mayor Higgins – We are opening this emergency meeting to authorize the hiring of our Camp Director and Assistant Director because we failed to do so at the regular meeting.

Resolution 2017 – 044

Approve Hiring and Wages of Summer Program Director and Assistant Director

Motion made by Trustee Tancredi; seconded by Mayor Higgins

RESOLVED that The Village Board of Trustees approves the hiring and wages for the Summer Program Director and Assistant Director as follows:

Mallory A. Grunenthal, Program Director – $13.00 per hour
Abbey R. Angle, Assistant Director – $12.00 per hour

The foregoing resolution was put to a vote and was carried unanimously.

Trustee Alan Higgins voting – yea
Trustee Michael Tancredi voting – yea

The resolution was thereupon declared duly adopted.

Mayor Higgins – This concludes the emergency meeting.

Motion to adjourn emergency meeting made by Trustee Tancredi, seconded by Mayor Higgins.

Minutes transcribed by:
Kathleen M. Hilbert

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