The Village of Hunter Board of Trustees Meeting

February 12, 2024

Call to Order: Pledge of Allegiance
Privilege of the Floor: Public Comment
Review/Approval of Minutes:  January 8, 2024 Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes
New Business:
1. Tax Levy Limit Override Law of 2024
2. Consent to the formation of Hunter Peaks Water Company, Inc.
3. Consent to the Incorporation of Hunter Peaks Water Company, Inc. – Resolution
4. CDPHP Medical Renewal Presentation submitted for approval – Resolution
5. CDPHP Delta Dental Plan renewal – Resolution
6. Numerous complaints about Post Office not being shoveled
7. Road Naming Application – Dennis McArdle
8. Property tax reduction for members of Hunter Fire Co. No.1
9. Mike Papa continues to file claims and collect unemployment benefits charged to The Village of Hunter
Building Department:
1. Received:
$10,355.32 – Delinquent town sewer payments
$16,674.94 – Delinquent town water payments
$  8,384.50 – 2023 Town of Hunter Youth Program Fees
Department of Public Works:
Fire Company:

1. Fire Company submitted claim from Access Compliance for physicals performed four months ago.  Purchase Order was not submitted prior to services be rendered.  Purchase Order subsequently approved by Board on January 25, 2024.  Not approved by Treasurer as funds not available – short $577.04. Transfer funds from Appropriation Account ______________________________________ to Appropriation Account A341051 Personal Equipment and Physicals in the amount of $577.04 to cover shortfall – Resolution

2. Transfer funds to cover fire house relocation project expense for Future Flows Assessment.  Move $7,800.00 from _________________ to Trust & Agency Account A47 – Resolution

Parks and Recreation:
1. Greene County Youth Bureau Funding – March 15, 2024 Proposal deadline
Planning Board:
Sewer Department:
1. Application for Sewer Service:
Jagdberg LLC/Christof Haemmerle
203 Garfield Avenue
Tax Map No. 148.18-2-2
Water Department: 

1. Transfer funds to cover budget shortfall.  Move $77.97 from Appropriation Account _____________________________________ to Appropriation Account F832043 Materials and Supplies.

2. Discuss lead and copper compliance.
Old Business:
Sue Holm 2/9/24 email:
– 8222 Main – unrentable space, front door does not open – what has been done?
– Has Hunter Village Hall been made handicap accessible?  Elevated chair provided?
– Has noise ordinance law been updated?
Executive Session:
1.  Budget to Actual Reports for the period June 1, 2023 to February 8, 2024 – General Fund
2.  Budget to Actual Reports for the period June 1, 2023 to February 8, 2024 – Sewer Operating
3.  Budget to Actual Reports for the period June 1, 2023 to February 8, 2024 – Water Operating
Local Laws: