The Village of Hunter Board of Trustees Meeting

April 8, 2024

Call to Order: Pledge of Allegiance
Organizational Meeting Business:
1.     Designate the Village’s Official Newspaper
2.     Establish next Organizational Meeting
3.     Establish Regular Meeting Schedule
4.     Review/Amend Rules of Procedure and Guidelines for Public Comment
5.     Review/Amend Code of Ethics
6.     Review/Amend Local Procurement Policy
7.     Review/Amend Work Place Violence Prevention Policy
8.     Review/Amend Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy
9.     Review/Amend Employee Policies and Procedures
10.    Review/Amend Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Policy
11.    Review/Amend Equal Employment Opportunity Policy
12.    Establish Fixed Assets Policy
13.    Establish Vehicle Use Policy
14.    Annual Resolutions:
              a.  Advance Approval of Claims
              b.  Mileage Allowance
              c.  Attendance at Schools and Conferences
             d.  Meal Allowance
             e.  Designate Depositories
15.    Reappointments by Mayor with Board of Trustees Approval:
             a.  Safety Officer
             b.  Planning Board Members:
                         Paul Slutzky, Chairman with term to expire in five years
                         Gail Shegerian, Alternate Member with term to expire in one year
             c.  Zoning Board of Appeals Member:
                         ___________________, Member with a term to expire in three years.
New Business:
1.     Review and authorize Mayor to sign Re-Use Plans for:
              a.  Meatballs & Marinara, LLC
              b. Snowbird Ski Shop Inc.
              c. Snowbird Ski Shop Inc.
2.     Review and authorize Mayor to sign NYS DEC MWBE & SDVOB Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Statement
3.     Nominations for Executive Committee of the Coalition of Watershed Towns
Building Department:
1.     Income budget estimates
Department of Public Works:
Fire Company:
Parks and Recreation:
1.     Youth Program:  1/29/24 correspondence from Town of Prattsville
2.     Income Budget Estimates
Planning Board:
1.     Income budget estimates
Sewer Department:
1.     Application for Sewer Service: Christopher Ressa
                48 Prince Road
Water Department: 
1.     Presentation of Tentative Water Budget to Board – Board to review and make any necessary changes
2.     Board to set date for Public Hearing
Old Business:
1.     2023/2024 Budget Modifications – tabled from March 11, 2024 Board of Trustees Meeting
2.     General Fund Budget Worksheet
Executive Session:
1.     General Fund – Budget v. Actual – April 4, 2024
2.     Sewer Operating – Budget v. Actual – April 4, 2024
3.     Water Operating – Budget v. Actual – April 4, 2024