Village of Hunter Planning Board
Regular Meeting Minutes
February 23, 2023

Members Present:                     

Paul Slutzky, Chairman

Richard Volpi, Deputy Chairman (absent)

Gary Goodrich, Board Member

Ed Kaplan, Board Member

Penny Sikalis-Spring, Board Member

Gail Shegerian, Alternate Member

Public Present: Alexa Kwiatkowski, Jeff Prince, Walter Kubow, Matthew Martin, Abe Stefansky, Michael Osterer, Debbie Pisano, Nik Pisano, Bill Rod, Pat Tracey, Brian Fitzgerald

Public Hearing:

Hunter Peaks Major Residential Subdivision & Site Plan

Chairman Slutzky opened the Public Hearing at 6:34 PM. He advised that this is the fourth Public Hearing the Planning Board has held on this project as the project has evolved and changed over the last few years.

Walter Kubow, P.E., of LaBella Associates presented receipts of mailing and delivery of the Notice of Public Hearing that was mailed to all the abutters designated by the Planning Board. He then presented a full size map of the revised project site plan and reviewed the changes that have been made to the plan since the last public hearing held on August 23, 2021.

Members of the public were then given the opportunity to express their questions, comments or concerns:

o   Alexa Kwiatkowski asked how much potable water the proposed 23 homes would require from the Village water system. W. Kubow advised that 110 gallons per day per bedroom was allocated for the homes, which calculates to approximately 10,000 gallons per day in total. He said the applicant had previously presented the Planning Board with a letter from the Village Board advising that the Village water company had sufficient water to service the project homes.

o   Pat Tracey, property manager for Hunter Highlands Condominiums Phase II also inquired about potable water availability.

o   Debbie Pisano, representing Phase I and Phase II at Hunter Highlands Condominiums asked that project sponsor be required to guaranty in writing that any damage to existing Hunter Highlands water mains resulting from connection of the Hunter Peaks water main system would be remediated by project sponsor at his cost. She also was adamant that the connection to the existing  Hunter Highlands water main not occur on her property.

o   Bill Rod, owner of Hunter Highlands unit M1, said he was concerned about possibility of storm water runoff from the project site resulting in downstream flooding of Hunter Highlands buildings.  W. Kubow then discussed the Storm Water Pollution Protection Plan that has been engineered for the project and submitted to NYCDEP for their review and approval. He also showed on the project site plan how the storm water runoff from the project’s disturbed areas was to be channeled to the three detention ponds before entering the Hunter Drive roadside ditch. Jeff Prince advised that all 23 home lots in the project would also be required to file individual Storm Water Protection Plans for their proposed homes with NYCDEP and would have to receive agency approval of those plans before securing a building permit.

Mr. Rod also expressed his concern about ambient light radiating from the project homes. Chairman Slutzky advised that while the Village does not have a Dark Skys ordinance, the Planning Board emphasizes to all applicants that downward aimed lighting is strongly recommended.

Mr. Rod inquired where the potable water connection to the existing water main would be located. W. Kubow advised it would be directly across from the project entrance.

o   Michael Osterer asked if fire trucks would be able to negotiate the road grades and turns in the project. Chairman Slutzky advised that road grades were within the 15% maximum grade called for in the Village’s Regulatory Road Standards and members of the fire department have previously reviewed the road plans for the project and found them acceptable.

Mr. Osterer said he wants the project sponsor to indemnify him from liability posed by the possibility of vehicles not being able to negotiate the first turn on the project entrance road and ending up on his property.

There being no other members of the public wishing to speak, Chairman Slutzky closed the Public Hearing at 7:14 PM.

Open Meeting:

P. Slutzky opened the regular Board meeting at 7:14 PM

Review and Approval of the Minutes of January 26, 2023 Planning Board Meeting:

After review, G. Shegerian made MOTION to approve the minutes as presented.

G. Goodrich seconded the MOTION, which was carried with E. Kaplan and P. Spring abstaining as they were not present at the meeting.

Privilege of the Floor: none requested

New Business:

Board Member Oaths of Office:

In accordance with the appointments made by the Village of Hunter Board of Trustees at their February 13, 2023 meeting, Chairman Slutzky administered the oaths of office for Gail Shegerian, Alternate Board Member, 1 year term; Ed Kaplan, Board Member, 3 year term: Gary Goodrich, Board Member, 4 year term; Penny Sikalis-Spring, Board Member, 5 year term.

Chairman Slutzky advised the oaths of office for Richard Volpi and himself would be administered at the Planning Board’s March meeting.

·         Sign Permit Application Review—Bluebird Hotel—not yet received

·         Sign Permit Application—AK Lodge—not yet received

Hunter Peaks Major Residential Subdivision and Site Plan—Walter Kubow, P.E., Jeff Prince and Matthew Martin presenting

W. Kubow reviewed the conditions of approval remaining to be achieved from the Planning Board’s expired Conditional Major Subdivision Approval of April 25, 2019.

He advised applicant has engaged a new attorney to complete the proposed HOA agreements, covenants and restrictions on deeds, water transportation corp setup and other required paper work, as the previous project attorney has recently retired. He also reviewed the agency permits that remain to be secured by applicant.

W. Kubow and M. Martin advised that a new contractor was going to be hired to complete the project infrastructure work and he would be putting together an estimate of costs to complete the work that needs to be covered by a performance bond. Chairman Slutzky said he would forward this estimate to the Village’s engineering consultant for review as soon as it is prepared so that the appropriate amount of the cost of work remaining is bonded.

Chairman Slutzky continued the SEQRA review. He advised that as the Conditional Major Subdivision Approval issued 4/25/2019 has expired, and as the project has undergone some changes since that approval, he circulated a letter declaring our Board’s intent to continue as Lead Agency in the coordinated SEQRA review of this project. He discussed all the involved and interested parties that the letter was sent to and reviewed all the current project documents that were included with the letter. He reviewed the responses received to date from the NYS Dept of Health and NYC Dept of Environmental Protection and discussed their comments with W. Kubow. As the 30 day time period for the agencies to respond to the request for Lead Agency status has not yet expired, Chairman Slutzky said the SEQRA review will be continued at the March meeting with the Planning Board’s detailed review of Part 2 –Identification of Potential Project Impacts.

Chairman Slutzky advised that the Village Clerk had received the required review fee of $2,550 from the applicant which will be added to the remaining escrowed funds to pay for the Planning Board’s consultant engineer for this project.

Chairman’s Report:

Chairman Slutzky reviewed the status of the annexation of Scribner’s Cabins lots in to the Village. He advised that once the project has been formally annexed into the Village and the Village Board has assigned a zoning district to the annexed land, the planning board will conduct a site plan review of all changes made to the previously approved site plan by the Town of Hunter Planning Board. The primary change being the connection of the project sewer collection system to the Village sewer system in lieu of the previously approved in-ground septic system.



P. Slutzky made MOTION to adjourn at 7:54 PM.  G. Shegerian seconded the MOTION which was carried by all.

Transcribed by:

P. Slutzky