Minutes of The Village of Hunter Board of Trustees Emergency Meeting held
April 27, 2018

Members Present: Mayor Alan Higgins and Trustee Ben Sommers

Mayor Higgins: The purpose of this emergency meeting is to move funds from an account with an excess to accounts with shortfalls in the sewer budget in order to pay the Central Hudson bills due May 3, 2018.

Resolution 2018 –00
Sewer Budget Modification
Appropriate Funds from Line Items with an Excess to Line Items with a Shortfall for Sewer Operating Fund for Fiscal Year 2017/2018

Motion made by Trustee Sommers; seconded by Mayor Higgins.

RESOLVED that The Village of Hunter Board of Trustees authorizes the Clerk/Treasurer to move $5,125 from G813007 Maintenance and Utilities/Building Maintenance with $4,700 going to G816042 Sewer Plant Electricity and $425 going to G812011 Collection System Electricity.

The foregoing resolution was put to a vote and was carried unanimously.

Mayor Alan Higgins voting – yea
Trustee Ben Sommers voting – yea

The resolution was thereupon declared duly adopted on April 27, 2018.

Adjournment: Mayor Higgins: I make a motion that we adjourn this emergency meeting. Trustee Sommers: I second the motion. Mayor Higgins: This meeting is adjourned.

Transcribed by:
Kathleen M. Hilbert

18-04-27 Emergency Minutes-tentative